Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Anyone ever read the Hungar Games?

Well if you should stop reading this and go start reading the best series for young adults ever created (excluding Harry Potter of coarse). It's a trilogy about a young girl, Katniss, who gets thrown into a anual hungar games which is sponsored by the capitol to establish who's in charge. In the games, there are two children (18 and younger) a boy and a girl from each district, where they have to fight each other in some type of arena, till there are only one left. This one is the victor. It's set in the future, and very intresting.

But enough about the background. I just read the third and final book of the trilogy, and I want to let out all my feelings about it. So if you havent read it, or plan on reading it....I would stop reading right now.

From the beggining of the book till the end of the book, I was sucked in. It started with her at District 13, drugged. Personally I didnt like District 13, it was very boring. I think she could have shortened it a bit.

I think it really started picking up really fast as soon as Peeta gets there and trys to kill her. I love Peeta....even when he's crazy and trying to kill Katniss. I just thought it was so sad how much the capitol tortured Peeta and how everyonce and awhile he would describe it in detail. I just felt so bad, and thought he was so brave and strong that he could get through it enough to live. Even if he had that poisen in him.

Katniss, I think, was pretty stupid and mean at times. Especially when it came to leaving Peeta behind and going to district 8 to film for the mockinjay commercial things, or when she went to the other district.

But I hated Gale. I mean sure he was a good soldier and everything. I'm glad he was there. I just thought he only thought about the war, and didnt think about anything Katniss or Peeta was going through. I hated how he was at the ending. he didnt even go to see her. Thats when I really started hating him.

I do think that when prim died, it was a bit confusing and I had to re-read it. It felt like I was in some sort of dream or something. It was sort of sureal. It didnt really hit me till she was locked up for killing Coin.

I'm just glad Katniss Married Peeta. Thats what made the book! TEAM PEETA!

-With love


Road Tripping it!


I guess it could be considered vacation. I mean, I didnt have to do any chores, go to swim practice, or eat healthy.

But I did have to sit in the car with my two younger sisters and my mom for a total sum of 24 hours. It consisted of yelling, fighting, whining, spilling, and farting. There were times when I wanted to drive off a cliff just to end the agony.

But of coarse I put on my best happy face and went along with it.

So, on the first night we drove from Bremerton, Washington, all the way to Seaside, Oregon. It may not be that long of a drive, but my mom forgot her credit card so we had to turn back home after driving for a half an hour, then we had to drop off my dog before we were 'Officially' on the road for our road trip vacation.

Luckily I had a magazine that kept me preocupied for about two hours of that drive. But by the time we got to seaside, which was rainy, cold, and windy, it was about 6 pm. So we ate dinner and walked around. We did buy 25$ worth of Taffy (175 flavors...I mean c'mon!). Then we slept in a motel 6, where my sister controlled the tv so we watched Stuck in the suburbs on Disney Channel. Not exactly choice TV. Then I slept on what felt like sticksand branches...m back hurt SO bad the next day.

Then the next day we were back in the car by 9 am, it was my sister's birthday that day so she was obviosly a pain and got the front seat a lot of the time. We were pretty much driving the whole day. We made two stops. Once at the Sea Lions Cave, wich was WAY overpriced for something that was definatly not that exciting. I could barely see the freaking sea lions! I dont reccomened you make the stop. Then we made a stop at a mexican/american restraunt. Terrible food.

FINALLY we made it to the tree house resort. But we got there too late to get the tour, so we had to find our own tree house, bathroom, and shower. It took a bit. But we finally found ours. It was the lamest one. All it was was a yurt on a platform, maybe 7 feet high off the ground, right next to the horse pasture. The other ones were actual tree houses up in trees, where you had to climb up or walk across a cool bridge. I mean all ours was, is a freaking TENT ON A STICK! No wonder it wasnt already reserved. NO ONEWANTS IT.

But by the next day it got a little better. I woke up to a really good breakfast. It was homade! Not the usual hotel cheap breakfast you usually get. No there were cooks and everything. We woke up and got dressed and finally got the tour.

They had a tarzan swing, which was just a swing on a very tall tree but it went really high. It was pretty cool. Then there was this begginers zipline that you could go on without a class or harnass....not as cool.

But the best part of the whole vacation was the horseback riding. We had a blast. I was the second to last in the line, and was on a tannish horse. It wasa diabetic so it had to wear a muzzle....but it was a very nice horse. Kinda impatient, but that gave it character. We went on a trail which went up and down hills. We even got to trot a bit. that was fun.

After that, we had gone back to our tree house, wanting to go swimming, but while we were getting dressed one of the horses got out. So the people came to get the horse and put it back in. But while they were putting it back in, one of the horses started to hump another horse. We didnt find this out till later, but they're both girls. One was pregnant. It did this throught the day, and it got to the point where the other horse kicked the one humping right in the neck. It was pretty funny.

But we went swimming a few times. The pool was cold, but really cool. It looked like a pond. It had rocks on the bottom and grass around the edges with running water around it from a river. The coolest pool i've ever seen.

Then the next day we headed home and finished our school clothes shopping. But it was SO hot and such a long drive. NOT fun.

Now i'm back, and thinking about the trip. I feel like it was worth the drive, but I dont think I need to do it again anytime soon.

Anyone else have any cool trips like this? Let me know!

-With love

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My life....and whatever might get thrown in while living

So I finally decided to post a picture from the concert that I went to at the beginning of the summer. It's Mr John O'Callaghan, the beautiful singer of possibly the most amazing band in the world, The Maine. I have some more, but me being the lazy person that I am, I honestly don't feel like posting anymore except for the one that was on my phone. Mind you, I didn't even take it, a friend of mine took the picture and then sent it to me. I didn't get that close to John. But I did get that close to Kennedy Brock, the beautiful, sexy, and amazing guitarist.

But besides obsessing over The Maine's new Album Black & White I have started practice for the Swim team, which so far I am enjoying. I'm getting in shape while also having fun and meeting some new people. It's just a little weird, because I have never swam competitively, so we'll see how well I do. I mean I've been swimming for as long as I can remember, mostly because my family is really into water sports and needing to be a strong swimmer is a necessity. SO I am defintly not the worst swimmer. But I am terrible at the non-stroke things like; Flips turns, drills, and starting.

Oh yeah, I also got VIP tickets to the Never Shout Never concert in Seattle, the first stop on the Harmony tour. This means, i get to meet Christofer Drew; the man behind the band. It will be my first time meeting him and I've seen him every time he's come to Seattle since he went on tour with Boys like Girls in the winter of last year (which may not be a lot, but it's been about 3 times). I also get a signed poster, and a laminate along with a download of his new Album Harmony. Plus I'll get to see the Maine again. Oh how I love the Maine. Oh and I Can Make A Business Like Nobody's Business and Carter Hulsey are definitely not so bad either.
PS...I might be putting some of the music Mentioned above on my playlist!
-With love

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I really love this! I wish math was that simple...I would have a WAY better grade! haha

I havent blogged in awhile. Looks like life has gotten in the way, yet again!

Stupid life. :)

Well here's a recap since my last blog. I went to my cousin's wedding. Very cool wedding, not boring like most seem to be. Took my driver's test. Failed; now I have to wait 3 months before I can take it again. Not a very good day for me. Went school clothes shopping in south center. I also got in a arguement with a friend, and dont know how that is going to play out. I also got all my stuff turned in for swim team, which starts on August I've been going to the pool lately to get in shape.


I'll try to post more often! Keyword; try.

-With Love!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes I wanna feel like a princess!

So, I'm not exactly the most girly girl you'll ever meet. I don't wear skirts or dresses, I like being comfortable and sometimes I walk around in just basketball shorts and a tee shirt. Like yesterday, I went to watch my sister in her golf tournament at a golf coarse where all the rich people go. I was wearing basketball shorts and flip flops, I hadn't don't my hair and I wasn't wearing any makeup. Lets just say I stuck out like a sore thumb.

But on those speacial occasions I like dressing up in a dress and doing my hair. So I enjoy going to dances at school, only because I have an excuse to dress up nice. Tomorrow, actually, I am going to my cousins' wedding and I am SUPER excited cause I get to wear a new skirt and look like a girl! Plus I get to see my cousins that have all gone off to college (or are getting married ).

I just hope it's not a total snooze fest.

Unfortunately it's on my dad's side, and since my parents are divorced I have to go just with my dad. I always seem to to feel uncomfortable around him (My guess is because technically he isn't my real dad, just a step dad...but he's been around for longer then my biological dad who died when I was 4). I'm kind of hoping we're with the family for most of the time.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'm not totally bored tomorrow!

-With Love

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So the other day my mom's boyfriend asked me a question. Whats the difference between you jumping on the Harry Potter bandwagon and you jumping on the Twilight Bandwagon? It's a good question for someone who doesn't exactly like either of them, but sees how popular they are. But I thought it was a good thing to blog about.

I started liking Harry potter in like 3rd grade, when I didn't fully understand what I was reading (I'm now a Junior in High School). That's about 8 years. I started liking twilight in 9th grade and and stopped in 10th grade. It's a huge difference.

Also, Harry Potter's plot is so much deeper with many more things going on. Twilight....not so much. I had liked Twilight at the time, because it was a cute and sort of complicated love story. Harry Potter just has more appeal for all ages and I can continue to like it through the years.

Plus...Twilight has just gotten WAY to commercialized to actually like. Sure Harry potter has some of the merchandise but they are doing it more in a subtle.

Plus there is that one simple fact; Harry potter is written WAY better (: