Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Anyone ever read the Hungar Games?

Well if you should stop reading this and go start reading the best series for young adults ever created (excluding Harry Potter of coarse). It's a trilogy about a young girl, Katniss, who gets thrown into a anual hungar games which is sponsored by the capitol to establish who's in charge. In the games, there are two children (18 and younger) a boy and a girl from each district, where they have to fight each other in some type of arena, till there are only one left. This one is the victor. It's set in the future, and very intresting.

But enough about the background. I just read the third and final book of the trilogy, and I want to let out all my feelings about it. So if you havent read it, or plan on reading it....I would stop reading right now.

From the beggining of the book till the end of the book, I was sucked in. It started with her at District 13, drugged. Personally I didnt like District 13, it was very boring. I think she could have shortened it a bit.

I think it really started picking up really fast as soon as Peeta gets there and trys to kill her. I love Peeta....even when he's crazy and trying to kill Katniss. I just thought it was so sad how much the capitol tortured Peeta and how everyonce and awhile he would describe it in detail. I just felt so bad, and thought he was so brave and strong that he could get through it enough to live. Even if he had that poisen in him.

Katniss, I think, was pretty stupid and mean at times. Especially when it came to leaving Peeta behind and going to district 8 to film for the mockinjay commercial things, or when she went to the other district.

But I hated Gale. I mean sure he was a good soldier and everything. I'm glad he was there. I just thought he only thought about the war, and didnt think about anything Katniss or Peeta was going through. I hated how he was at the ending. he didnt even go to see her. Thats when I really started hating him.

I do think that when prim died, it was a bit confusing and I had to re-read it. It felt like I was in some sort of dream or something. It was sort of sureal. It didnt really hit me till she was locked up for killing Coin.

I'm just glad Katniss Married Peeta. Thats what made the book! TEAM PEETA!

-With love



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  4. I'm totally team Peeta too! Katniss annoyed me at times with her stubbornness etc and I found Prim's death quite surreal too. It was completely unexpected! I can't tell you how glad I was that she picked Peeta. I just hope the film that's being made is as good as the books!

  5. I loved this series too! And of course I'm team Peeta (I <3 how Josh Hutcherson's playing him). I just don't like how they hijack him and for most of the book, he's not the same Peeta we all fell in love with. And I dislike how Gayle left her all alone at the end of the war, but Peeta came back to her. I loved the twist with President Coin though. I was like, "Oh my gosh! It all makes sense now! Why didn't I see this before?!" Please check out my blog and the url is And I think you might want to check out the Hunger Games version of the song, "I Wanna Go" that I posted in Oct. It's really catchy and funny!