Saturday, September 4, 2010

Road Tripping it!


I guess it could be considered vacation. I mean, I didnt have to do any chores, go to swim practice, or eat healthy.

But I did have to sit in the car with my two younger sisters and my mom for a total sum of 24 hours. It consisted of yelling, fighting, whining, spilling, and farting. There were times when I wanted to drive off a cliff just to end the agony.

But of coarse I put on my best happy face and went along with it.

So, on the first night we drove from Bremerton, Washington, all the way to Seaside, Oregon. It may not be that long of a drive, but my mom forgot her credit card so we had to turn back home after driving for a half an hour, then we had to drop off my dog before we were 'Officially' on the road for our road trip vacation.

Luckily I had a magazine that kept me preocupied for about two hours of that drive. But by the time we got to seaside, which was rainy, cold, and windy, it was about 6 pm. So we ate dinner and walked around. We did buy 25$ worth of Taffy (175 flavors...I mean c'mon!). Then we slept in a motel 6, where my sister controlled the tv so we watched Stuck in the suburbs on Disney Channel. Not exactly choice TV. Then I slept on what felt like sticksand branches...m back hurt SO bad the next day.

Then the next day we were back in the car by 9 am, it was my sister's birthday that day so she was obviosly a pain and got the front seat a lot of the time. We were pretty much driving the whole day. We made two stops. Once at the Sea Lions Cave, wich was WAY overpriced for something that was definatly not that exciting. I could barely see the freaking sea lions! I dont reccomened you make the stop. Then we made a stop at a mexican/american restraunt. Terrible food.

FINALLY we made it to the tree house resort. But we got there too late to get the tour, so we had to find our own tree house, bathroom, and shower. It took a bit. But we finally found ours. It was the lamest one. All it was was a yurt on a platform, maybe 7 feet high off the ground, right next to the horse pasture. The other ones were actual tree houses up in trees, where you had to climb up or walk across a cool bridge. I mean all ours was, is a freaking TENT ON A STICK! No wonder it wasnt already reserved. NO ONEWANTS IT.

But by the next day it got a little better. I woke up to a really good breakfast. It was homade! Not the usual hotel cheap breakfast you usually get. No there were cooks and everything. We woke up and got dressed and finally got the tour.

They had a tarzan swing, which was just a swing on a very tall tree but it went really high. It was pretty cool. Then there was this begginers zipline that you could go on without a class or harnass....not as cool.

But the best part of the whole vacation was the horseback riding. We had a blast. I was the second to last in the line, and was on a tannish horse. It wasa diabetic so it had to wear a muzzle....but it was a very nice horse. Kinda impatient, but that gave it character. We went on a trail which went up and down hills. We even got to trot a bit. that was fun.

After that, we had gone back to our tree house, wanting to go swimming, but while we were getting dressed one of the horses got out. So the people came to get the horse and put it back in. But while they were putting it back in, one of the horses started to hump another horse. We didnt find this out till later, but they're both girls. One was pregnant. It did this throught the day, and it got to the point where the other horse kicked the one humping right in the neck. It was pretty funny.

But we went swimming a few times. The pool was cold, but really cool. It looked like a pond. It had rocks on the bottom and grass around the edges with running water around it from a river. The coolest pool i've ever seen.

Then the next day we headed home and finished our school clothes shopping. But it was SO hot and such a long drive. NOT fun.

Now i'm back, and thinking about the trip. I feel like it was worth the drive, but I dont think I need to do it again anytime soon.

Anyone else have any cool trips like this? Let me know!

-With love

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