Friday, June 25, 2010

Yo Tengo un Perro! (I have a dog)

Have you ever wondered what is going through a dog's head? Well everytime I look at my dog Rosie who is just freaking out and running around the house with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.
I think I'm like sometype of dog whisperer, cause this is what I think; My dog LOVES stuffed animals. She doesnt chew them up, but she throws it around and jumps on it....I think she is pretending it's her puppy or something like that. Then she also likes to stare at me...and she's just thinking "why the hell are you doing that? Are you stupid or something? Why dont you just pick that tennis ball up and throw it for me so I can have some fun?"
It's even better when she's around other dogs. She seems to be afraid of small dogs, but likes jumping on big dogs and chasing them....especially boy dogs. She is quite the tease. Going from dog to dog, shaking her butt as she walks. Thats why they chase her....
Oh but I love her. I love her so much! So much that I let her sleep on my bed and get my purple comforter full of her black hair.

-With love



  1. Thats a nice dog. What breed is it?

  2. Black lab....I think it purebred. But we got her at the shelter and she's a stray