Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Henna and Hemp

You know what I'm doing right now? I'm waiting for my henna tatoo to finish up on my skin while making hemp braceletts....Both are really cool things....except some people apparently dont like both of them. I mean I can understand the hemp thing, since it has something to do with marajuana. But the hemp thing i DO NOT understand. Why do people freak out about it. It's not's pretty much mud that smells good. It comes from a plant, and people have been using it for a REALLY long time. But anyway, I'm going to a 'THE Maine' Concert next friday so I made their symbol on the inside of my wrist as practice, cause my friends and I are having a HENNA PARTY sometime next week....which I CANNOT wait for!

You know what else is exciting....I'm taking my driving test THIS friday! Then I will have my license and i will finalllllllyyyyy be FREEEEEE! You have no idea what this will do for me. I can get a job, go to the pool when I want, hang out with friends more often, do more after school things! But of coarse I have to practice so I dont fail the test and have gotten my hopes up for nothing. Really the only thing I need to work on is parrallel parking and backing around a corner.

-With love

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