Friday, June 25, 2010

Estoy muy aburrido

Estoy muy aburrido is spanish for I'm very bored....which is very true. I'm sitting at home, in my living room on a gloomy day babysitting my younger sister who is watching iCarly...possibly one of THE worst shows on television. I probably just have a grudge against the show because it takes place in seattle (where I live) and they get about EVERYTHING wrong. I mean theres a new one Tonight about a heat wave. If anyone has everbeen to seattle you know that hardly ever happens, and if it does it's not that hot. Plus on top of that, they pronounce the names of places in WA wrong. I just dont like the show..... Unfortunatly it's my sister's favorite show. (along with hannah montana...which you dont want to gget me started on)

-With love

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