Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twilight Vs Toy Story. I think toy story wins by a landslide

So I hear theTwilight saga: Eclipse premeire was today.... or maybe some other time. I just saw something on msn. What I saw were tween fans out camping out so they could see the hunky Robert pattinson (cue eye roll! He is NOT hot at all). I can see their conversations now "OMG! I cant wait! The last movie was SOOOO good. Like, I've seen it about a thousand times and Taylor looks so HOT. Like, are you team Jacob or like team edward?" Like.Like.Like.Like.Like.

Now, I know I used to like know before it got 'popular' and everything had Edwards ugly face on it. When something is on a lunchbox, you know things have gone too far.

Now a real movie would be Harry Potter, or Toy Story 3. Which is what I went to see tonight. I grew up with these movies...I grew up as Andy grew up! (Too bad Andy isnt real....cause I'd like to date a man like lala) I even didnt have to see it in 3-d to LOVE the movie. It's so emotional! Definatly more emotional then Twilight. Ken and Barbie beat Edward and Bella anyday! If anyone would like to challenge me on this, here is my reasoning:
  • Ken and Barbie are NOT akward around each other. Everytime Bella and edward are near each other I just feel all weird and uncomfortable.
  • Ken and Barbie were literally made for each other! Not so much a 100 so odd year old vampire and a 17 year old human.
  • Barbie is nicer, prettier, and smarter (she wouldnt date a vampire, I can tell you that much)
  • Barbie definatly wouldnt kiss a dog! haha

All in all Ken and Barbie beat Bella and Edward.

Again...the innerworkings of my head. Beautiful.

-With Love



  1. Omg sooo agree.
    I'm so sick of these twilight fans attacking me when I say I hate it.

  2. I do not like Twilight anymore either because it's TOO much, no movie needs that much attention.

  3. Toy story is by far THE BEST.
    Twilight is over hyped. The books were fine, but Robert Pattinson is... nothing special.
    I wish Andy was real too, *sighs*

  4. Agreed. (:
    I used to like twilight but that was before it got too much.
    Toy Story will always win :D