Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Lazy Day

how many people have younger siblings? Well I have two, and since it is summer vacation and I am currently unable to drive, it means I am stuck ALL day with the two of them! One of them is a preteen that thinks she is all that, and doesnt listen to anything anyone else says...and then theres the anoying third grader that copies everything I do and doesnt listen to what anyone says. Maybe I was just used to the quiet and nice-ness of the two of them being grounded last night. Damn! Why cant they just be grounded all the time! haha

the only bad thing was that I ended up watching the movie Wolfman, which is a boring old time movie that is trying to use the whole 'werewolf' craze but came up terrible short. It was a gory, gross boring movie. Not even scary in the least.

anyway, back to today though. It was sort of my lazy day, and I didnt leave the house (when I did it hurt my eyes hehe....I'm not used to the sun! It burns!)....I scrapbooked some pictures I got printed yesterday. I'm not going to lie, it looks pretty awesome (only cause they were concert pics besides the obvious fact that I'm extremly sexy and anything with my face on it is beautiful!)ahh I love the innerworkings of my mind. But back on topic, I also watched wifeswap and wondered how some of these familys live like that. One family's only hobby was clipping coupons and got a high from saving money, plus they never leave the house. How the hell did those two ever meet for long enough to want to have kids together!!!! I dont even want to think about that anymore actually....yuck.

Before I end up pucking, I'm going to sign off.
-With love

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