Monday, June 21, 2010

I would like to thank.....

You know what I think is funny? Loud people talking about their personal business in the middle of the store. I mean, sure I'm probably never going to see them again in my life.....but do they really need to shout out their personal problems. Or when a mother yells at her child when I'm standing not two feet away looking at the shorts? I dont want to stereotype or anything..but they were also large and had a southern accent.

But then again...without people watching life just wouldnt be the same. You know how much you love the women who wears her purse as a necklace (around her neck), or the man picking his nose on the bench staring off into space. Life just wouldnt be as entertaining.....and that is why I thank all those weird people in the world!

-With love,

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