Sunday, June 20, 2010

Facebook...or is it cocaine?

So I have a facebook account, and I actually REALLY used to like it. I used to actually play the games on their as well.....but then again I also used to like Twilight. But like most things it gets old (except for Harry Potter...that will never get old!). But now I just feel like facebook has turned into one big complaining center. I mean I go on there and I see posts like "I want to kill myself" or "I have no life". I go on there and by the time I'm done I just feel so icky! Or theres those posts where they just explain their whole day. If I want to hear about your life, I'll ask! haha Plus I dont even know half my friendss.

and that insight to life for the day!

So I went over to my grandmas house today for Fathers day, and you get the normal feeling you get around from seeing family you dont see all the time. You know the feeling? The one where your all polite and quiet, and hear old family storys you've heard about 10 times already before. Or listen to your parents tell the story about the time you threw up at school, or slept walked in the hotel hallway. Plus that whole time your just thinking 'can I go home now!?' because you want to go on facebook to get depressed or frustrated (hehe).

and guess what i did? I went on facebook when I went home. The progammers must have done something that makes you addicted to the site...I swear.
-With Love

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