Thursday, July 1, 2010

Driving nerves!

I'm SOOOO nervous tomorrow. I keep thinking about my driving test tomorrow, which means I keep thinking of all the things that might keep me from passing. Every time I get a chance to think, I start thinking about my driving....which is adding to my anxiety! I start thinking how I could not make a complete stop, or go over the speed limit, or make a REALLY stupid mistake. Then, of coarse there is the dreaded parallel parking.

Yes. Parallel parking!

Actually today my grandpa took me out for a pretty long drive where we did a bunch of driving and parking, which included parking on a hill, backing around a corner, driving in neighborhoods and town streets. Plus trying to get me to actually be able to parallel park....which was a dud. I was able to do it once without him telling me how to do it....and I dont know WHAT I did! luckily I can usually do it, I'm just pretty far away from the curb. It's really frustrating.

But in all I just want to get the test over and pass, so I can have my long awaited freedom!
-With Love!


  1. Okay...tried to post a comment and it didn't go through. Here's attempt #2.'s only a driving test. What's the worse that can happen? You have to take it again next week.

    I was so nervous at my test that I had to post signs on my dash that said "right" and "left" so I wouldn't forget when the examiner told me to turn.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Just thought I would inform you that I mentioned your blog on mine because it is really good.


  3. I know, thats what everyone says. But it's just the fact that someone is JUDGING you! haha

    Thanks dan!

  4. I'm a new follower! :D And so far, your blog is pretty cool, from what I've readd.
    Anyway thoughh.. I have yet to take a driving test. I'm sixteen, I know how to drive, but I'm lazy to go and actually get what I need to get done in order for me to get a license.
    Ahahh, but if I were to take a test, like say tomorrow, I would soo feel the same way.