Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I know no one actually is reading this. But it's a lot-o-fun to just pretend like I have readers so I can feel important. I'll keep trying to be witty and clever. Hey, it might be useful or fun to look back and read when I'm older and have forgotten about this.

anyway, yesterday was the last day of school, and the party at my friends house. Let me start from the beginging.

the last day of school:
The last day of school started out weird, cause it was coudy and dreary outside in the morning. When someone thinks of the last day of school they think of sunny day, shorts, flip flops. So of coarse it didnt feel like the last day AT ALL. I mean in spanish class we watched Finding Nemo in spanish, and I have to say it just wasnt as good as it was in English. but then after that i spent an hour sitting in the locker room as if it was sometype of prison. The PE teachers were probably thinking "oh why dont we make the kids suffer by sending them all down there to stare at the walls". Oh well, it wasnt as bad as the slap in the face my English teacher gave us by not showing up. we had a freaking SUB! What that said to me was that everytime she said 'you guys are my favorite class' she was lying.

Once that bell rang though, I was outta there and heading to my friends house to act like 5 year olds and and like sloths (dont ask) we made smores and burned pictures that we drew of the teachers we hated along with the school work assignments we hated. it had to be one of the most fun nights!

What a great start, to a hopefully great summer!
-With love

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