Thursday, July 15, 2010

So the other day I lost my phone while watching Prince Of Persia at the drive in. Actually I fell asleep during the movie cause it was pretty boring, plus we had already seen Toy Story 3...which is just as good the second time. But it had to be one of the worst night's of my life. I mean we left the drive in at 2 in the morning and got home around 2:30am. I thought my phone was back in the trunk where we had been sitting. So I went back to the trunk to look, but it wasn't there. I looked for about a half an hour. Mind you this was all the day before the concert that I recalled the other day, so getting ahold of my friends was really hard. One of the good things that come out of Facebook is that I could get ahold of my friends through the social networking site.

Then, when I was at my dad's I got my hopes up thinking 'Oh maybe they found it!' since we went to go see Grown ups and Karate Kid (both OK movies). They had actually found a phone, unfortunately it wasn't mine. But you have no idea how I felt when they said they had a phone. Oh GOD i wanted them to find it.

So finally today, I searched on Ebay to find a cheap, sort of cool, and not totally obsolete. I finally found the HTC Ozone for Verizon Wireless. I really hope it's not a total dud, cause it was 80$ which is all the money I had, which I wanted to spend on The Maine's new album "Black & White" (I suggest you all go buy it, since The Maine is AWESOME! But anyway, if anyone has ever had experience with the phone or anything to say about it let me know. I already bought it, so it's not going to change my mind. But still....

-With Love

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