Saturday, July 10, 2010

I went to An Evening with The Maine

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I usually feel like that after a concert. But last nights concert was the best one I've ever been to. Or at least the best headlining set, I mean it wasn't the greatest line-up. Last time I had seen the Maine was at Warped tour, they went all that great...kind of warn out, you know? Well, I have to say they defiantly came back stronger and more confident. That's pretty hard to do at El Corzone in Seattle as well, I mean the place is TINY. There's not a lot of room to do really amazing stuff. But they pulled it off, with confetti and great lights. Plus the show was sold out and it was already really hot outside for Seattle, so you can imagine how hot that tiny cramped area full of teenagers jumping around and yelling would be like. My clothes were literally soaked with a mixture of my own sweat, other people's sweat and the water they were squirting at us to keep us from passing out. We were hot, wet and stinky, but having the greatest time of our lives.

OK so now that you have the atmosphere of the concert in you head, why don't I give you a little taste of the concert. The Maine came out while playing their newest single from their album that comes out on Tuesday (Black and White), called 'Inside of You". They had lights flashing, their signature M symbol on their speakers and John the lead singer comes out shirtless. This is the first of 18 songs, which is A LOT compared to most bands. I was right up front, you know after getting past all the complaining girls who think that they should be up front without having to work for it. But I was right in front of the lead guitarist, and I ended up touching his hand once!

The thing I love about the Maine is that they really care about their's dedication to play 18 songs in such a small wet, and hot environment. But then to hang out with your fans afterward, is fantastic. Sure it took about a half an hour to actually get to them....but I got a shirt signed and to talk to them for a minuet. I told them that their show was amazing, and how it was the best I've ever been to while they signed my shirt.

The only bad thing about the night was that on the way home we stopped for taco bell...cause I have only had a little bit of pasta the whole day. SO we were waiting for about 15 minuets to get our food. We had ordered, gotten our food and was back on the road. When we started passing around the food....THEY DIDN'T PUT MY STUFF IN THE BAG!

I don't like Taco bell anymore!
-With Love
PS I may be be posting some pictures tomorrow.

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