Thursday, June 17, 2010

So, This is my blog. It's kind of an experiment, mostly because school is out tomorrow. But I figure everyone online talks about themselves or celebrities. I don't see many people who talk about things like the stupid things that happen everyday, or even just what a polite, not very loud person. I mean, shoot most people talk crap about everything and are total downers......maybe I could be a little different. But of coarse there is a few things that I don't I will be doing SOME complaining!
so lets give this a shot, shall we?
Today was our second to last day of school, so of coarse people are going to be excited for the end, right? Well we had a math test so that kind of brought it down. But the real excitement happened AFTER the test...not because of the end of the school year, but because it was the LAST day that i will EVER have to see that MR Brown (I'm crossing my fingers I will never get him again). But trust me, no one here would want him as a teacher. Here's a few quick words that describe him: Big, fat, Smelly, Perverted, Sexist, Mean. Plus on top of all those type things he cant teach. But as soon as I walked out of that door, it was like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders (a MR BROWN weight :) ) But that also means the last time seeing the two friends I met in that class, and I should is really hot.
Tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.
............................................................Then I'll be a junior ;)
Hopefully I'll be funnier tomorow
-With love

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